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My book, Unscathed Beauty, is a journey of overcoming child abuse - a sensitive and tough topic for which I am very passionate. In working with Nadine, she not only maintains the strength of my vision, and my desire to share my story with the world, but she does it with compassion, insight, understanding and absolute conviction and belief, to not only the story... but me as a person. The process of sharing something so deeply personal requires an exceptional person who has incredible strength of character and is willing to go the extra mile. Nadine is this kind of exceptional. Nadine has an incredible level of expertise and professionalism, not to mention an amazing network of experts who she diligently engages to bring about the best possible results to ensure you not only have the support you need but are surrounded by excellence. Who can fail? As a person who is in law enforcement, I cannot for one second afford to be complacent, and because of this, it is a requirement to maintain a level of excellence. We continue to work together to release my story and message to the world. I have had coverage in local and national media, including the ABC, Courier Mail and national magazines with a plethora of pending media engagements to come. I have no hesitation in recommending the exceptional Nadine McGrath and the Creative Content Co team for any business, or individual who is looking to share their message, business or vision with the world.

Kelly Humphries
Child Protection Advocate, Author & Keynote Speaker