What’s it like?

Mainstream and digital media are a whole other beast. Our program is guided by professionals who’ve been in the media trenches, live and breathe the news with skills to pass on to your teams to tame the public relations beast. We’ll share best practice, techniques and templates for creating media ready press releases.  We’ll help you create and refine your message and ensure your team are PR Savvy.

How does it work?

Strategy, planning, and implementation are all involved.

The ‘#PR Savvy’ program has three stages.



  • We determine your goals and objectives for your public relations, such as launching a new service or product or positioning your brand as a leader in its field.
  • We identify your target audience – the individuals, communities you want to influence and sell your products or services.
  • Finally, we’ll determine your key messages, which are the core points you want your audience to remember about you and your brand.



We develop tactics for achieving your public relations goals.

  • We determine the traditional and digital media outlets that best suit targeting your audience.
  • We consider other opportunities to raise your profile, such as public speaking events and educational seminars.
  • We brainstorm story topics and develop tactics for best publishing the content, such as sending out a media release, pitching stories to relevant journalists, or publishing the content on digital media channels.



Your teams have learned the essential elements of public relations. Now, it is time to put those skills into practice.

  • Your staff draft press release content and forward it to us for fine-tuning.
  • We will teach them how to distribute a release and make contacts with key media outlets.

Who should do the program?

Any and all that attended the #PR 101 workshop will find that the #PR Savvy program will take them to the next level. This program is an idea learning opportunity for business owners, leaders, and those responsible for raising the profile of an organisation.

What will it achieve?

You will have a team at the ready to build your profile. There is no need to miss out on opportunities when stories are trending.


Leadership is very much about effective communication. Creative Content Co pass on their skills and communications really make the most out of opportunities to grow their business and profile. They are also ensuring leaders are equipped with the skills needed to protect their reputation and thrive in a fast-paced digital age.

Sonia McDonald
Leadership Coach and Influencer.