What’s it like?

It’s like launching your brand on a rocket ship. The jam-packed program takes you through five key steps to raise your impact. We will hand-pick your media opportunities to put you front and centre.

How does it work?

The program has five steps


Personal brand assessment

  • We audit your existing marketing, handouts, blogs, podcasts, and so forth, to determine how these can be better leveraged.
  • We analyse your message for incongruences and inconsistencies. This includes anything that we feel does not represent you in a positive light.



  • We will look at your goals for your public relations and develop a strategy to accomplish them. For example, launching a new product or repositioning your brand’s position in the industry.
  • Using this strategy, we will identify your target audience.
  • Finally, we’ll determine your key messages and how to best convey them to your audience.



  • We develop tactics for achieving your public relations goals.
  • We determine the traditional and online media who have your target audience to approach.
  • We research other opportunities to raise your profile, such as public speaking events and guest speaking opportunities. We also brainstorm story topics and determine tactics for publishing them in the most effective manner.


Media training

  • Interview coverage is considered more authentic and reputable than paid advertising.
  • We will help ensure that you are what the media calls “good talent” by coaching you through the interview process. You will feel confident in your conduct and expertise while being interviewed.
  • We will also teach you how to keep your responses short and clear and show you how to master the 30-second speech needed for television and radio interviews.



  • The plan is put into action. We will write and distribute press releases to key media.
  • We will organise interviews with media or podcasters.
  • We will also research public speaking opportunities.

What will it achieve?

  • Clear direction and strategy to raise your impact.
  • Media coverage for your business.
  • Raise your impact through public speaking engagements.

You will be interview ready and confident to talk with journalists.


I feel much more confident delving into writing about myself and my business. The creative energy and camaraderie helped overcome the daunting task of writing. Nadine was able to clearly explain how to structure a story and with her guidance I was able to write my signature story. I felt inspired by the workshop and will definitely attend more of her workshops to continue developing my writing skills. Nadine is an expert in her field.

Jodi Semple Reck
Enterprise Growth