What’s it like?

This is not about creating a customer avatar. Guided by a strategist, we will take you through a journey of discovery and get to the root of who you and your business are. Together, we will clearly define your mission, your vision, and your target audience. Using everything that we have learned, we begin creating your marketing strategy and business plan.

How does it work?

1. We start with your mission and take an in-depth look at your organisations’ brand, values, culture, and customers and identify your super power.
2. The next step is to create your ideal client profiles.
3. We look at your vision for the business and break everything down into achievable goals.
4. Once we have defined your goals, we create projects and the tasks required to complete your goals.

All of this allows you to create targeted content and design the optimum public relations strategy.

The program, too, includes a range of activities, including workshops and mentoring, and support from experts in each area.
Program delivery can be tailored to meet your needs. We can facilitate a mixture of face-to-face, guided DIY, and online sessions.

What will it achieve?

The Narrative Discovery program provides you with direction. What you can achieve with this is the following:

– The formation of a foundation from which all aspects of your content and marketing are built.
– The basis of your business plan and direction.
– The creation of customer-oriented content that is targeted and relevant.
– Consistent messaging and brand management.
– Strategic content marketing that creates meaningful messages with impact.