What is it?

The website content package is all about creating content that draws traffic and gets the heart of who you are across to your audience. A website is one of your most important assets, and ensuring that it is filled out with high-quality content is a must.

What’s it like?

We get to know your business like we’re part of the family. It all starts with your narrative; from your discovery program we take your mission, vision, values, and foundation.

How does it work?

Your package includes three stages of content creation.


Your ‘Why’

We start with the Narrative Discovery Program. We craft your mission and vision statements, take an in-depth look at your organisations’ brand, values, culture, and customers and identify your superpower.


Your ‘Narrative’

We create the story of your business, including:

  • Your ‘foundation story’.
  • Your ‘elevator pitch’.
  • Your ‘About’ story for your social media.

Your ‘Copy’

We take your ideal target client, your marketing strategy, and your foundation story to create copy that connects with your audience.

What will it achieve?

You will have content that speaks to your target audience and is authentic to your values and mission.