What is it?

You know content is important; it’s your billboard in the modern age. Content creation is a difficult monster to tame without the right experience. Staying on brand and keeping your message clear is no easy feat, and we can help. Should you need it, we can tame the monster for you. We create content for your business each and every month.  Newsletters, blog posts, brochures, e-books, social media posts for Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

What’s it like?

The Content Management Program is like having your own corporate communications and public relations team without the overheads. We use out vast journalism, public relations, and copywriting skills to help brands create content which truly resonates and connects with their target audience. Standing out among the deafening noise online these days is becoming increasingly difficult. Quality content told in a storytelling format more than marketing spiel is winning out. We take our skills and produce quality content for you monthly.

How does it work?

Strategy, planning, and implementation are all involved.

– We take a deep dive into your company’s mission, vision, values, and target audience.
– We do an audit of your current content, including brochures, marketing material, website content, and social media content to analyse how it, if possible, can be re-purposed.
– We create a strategy for your content management and creation.
– Using this strategy, we plan how to put it into play.
– Finally, implementation starts and we begin creating fresh, unique content that resonates with your target audience.

What will it achieve?

You will stay on brand, keep your message clear, and host outstanding, professional content that people will want to consume. It will inspire, inform, educate, and resonate with your target audience.