There’s an ancient principle central to Japanese aesthetics called wabi-sabi. In its purest form the principle is about accepting imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness.  Wabi-sabi aligns itself perfectly imperfectly here at Creative Content Co as we embrace authentic stories flaws and all, which evolve and are seldom complete.

Our journey began as public relations agency McGrath Media where we used our skills in journalism and PR to raise the public profiles of individuals, teams and organisations.

However, just like the principles of wabi-sabi dictate, PR has evolved in recent years to mean more than a story in mainstream newspapers, radio or television. Digital PR, mentions by an online news outlet, another website or influencer, can provide valuable links, improve search engine rankings for your site and is good for business.

Just as the PR game has changed so too has marketing with the two becoming increasingly aligned. Traditional advertising has become a relic of a bygone era as consumers seek a more direct, personal and meaningful relationship with brands.  Instead, inbound marketing has become popularised in the digital age of well-researched and educated consumers.

Rather than pushing out their message brands are competing to put valuable information online so when someone searches for a topic then articles, blog posts, videos, research and social media posts they’ve created come up.

An understanding of these changes and the need for quality, authentic content, along with the realisation that many organisations were spending vast amounts of money on programs, marketing, websites and SEO which weren’t delivering results led to the establishment of Creative Content Co.

We bring together experts in business strategy, journalism and marketing, public relations and branding (more than a logo) to nurture your well-defined target audience through quality content. We ensure in an Age of Information Overload your message will be heard by the right people. We’re all about discovering and telling your authentically, imperfectly perfect stories which will continue to evolve and never be complete in a way which resonates with your target audience.

A special note:

We acknowledge the work of graphic designer Irene Demetri, whose hand-drawn Japanese patterns used on this site embrace the principles of wabi-sabi and imperfect or asymmetrical design.

I have worked with Nadine on complex media and PR. I am always pleasantly astounded at how I can just talk and talk and Nadine can navigate what I am hoping to achieve, analyse it and then strategically sort me a “plan”. Recently she designed and sent out some press releases for me. The journalists she spoke with commented on her professional approach and I was impressed with her network nationally. I received a lot of great coverage. I would highly recommend Nadine for her confidentiality, great laugh, and the true ability to provide expert communication advice and practical successful answers that are making my project begin to prosper.

Beth O’Brien
CEO Australian Celebrations Training | Director Seasons of Grief | Death Cafe Qld