Who We Are.

We are journalists, public relations specialists, copywriters and content creators helping our clients Rise to Impact in an Age of Information Overload. Strategy is crucial to us with our method to create a newsroom approach to content creation, where the story and value-add to your target audience are paramount. Creative Content Co is a division of McGrath Media, founded by journalist and PR consultant Nadine McGrath.

Telling Your Perfectly Imperfect Stories.

We grow brands through meaningful content, business storytelling, corporate communications,  and brand awareness. We inspire, connect, and educate audiences in the Age of Information Overload, helping brands Rise to Impact.

We use our skills in journalism and PR to create meaningful content. Together with McGrath Media we raise the public profiles of those with a personal brand and organisations making a difference in the world.

There’s an ancient principle central to Japanese aesthetics called wabi-sabi. In its purest form the principle is about accepting imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness. Wabi-sabi aligns itself perfectly imperfectly for us in many aspects. We embrace authentic stories, flaws and all, which evolve and are seldom complete.

Like the principles of wabi-sabi dictate, PR has also evolved and in recent years come to mean more than a story in mainstream newspapers, radio or television. Digital PR, mentions by an online news outlet, another website or influencer, can provide valuable links, improve search engine rankings for your site and is good for business.

Just as the PR game has changed, so too has marketing with the two becoming increasingly aligned. Traditional advertising where brands push out their message has become a relic of a bygone era. Now brands are competing to produce information online so when someone searches for a topic then articles, blog posts, videos, research and social media posts they’ve created come up.

An understanding of these changes and the need for quality, authentic content led to the establishment of Creative Content Co. Through research and experience we realised many individuals with a personal brand and organisations were spending vast amounts of money on programs, marketing, websites and SEO which were failing to deliver results.

We nurture brands to produce quality over quantity content resonating with their target audience and which stands out in an Age of Information Overload. We’re all about discovering and telling your brand’s perfectly, imperfect stories which will continue to evolve and help you Rise to Impact.


We’re all about passing on our skills and providing clients with the direction to achieve their mission. From developing a strong business strategy, to learning crucial writing and PR skills join us to rise to greater impact






Public Relations.

◄ Services – Content.

Great content influences, inspires, builds trust and connects on an emotional level. Consumers increasingly seek a more direct, personal relationship with a brand. Creating customised, authentic content that resonates with your audience has become an integral part of crafting the customer journey.


    Teams and organisations often have complex content requirements with strategy required for the best outcome. Reach out so we can discuss your needs.


    ◄ Services – Public Relations.

    McGrath Media will help you capture the attention of mainstream and digital media. As journalists and public relations consultants, we have the experience and skills to increase your exposure with a strong network of media contacts who we like to send stories.


      Teams and organisations often have complex public relations requirements. We will customise our services to meet your needs. Reach out for further information.



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